1. quarky_uk's Avatar
    I have upgraded to Windows 8, but can't see my Nexus when I plug it in.

    Does anyone know what I need to change to get this visible add removable storage?

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    01-31-2013 05:44 AM
  2. Minkey1's Avatar
    Same with each USB socket? If it is, and you know your W8 has all updates, I'd look for drivers. Where did you buy your N7?

    Did it come up in W7 or whichever OS you had before?
    01-31-2013 06:50 AM
  3. wunderbar's Avatar
    fwiw, I have two windows 8 machines and everything worked out of the box.
    01-31-2013 08:53 AM
  4. quarky_uk's Avatar
    Thanks guys. I will try a different USB socket. Good to know it worked for someone out of the box!

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    01-31-2013 09:34 AM
  5. HerrDeacon's Avatar
    Worked fine with my Windows 8 as well. Let us know if you get it to work.
    01-31-2013 10:12 AM
  6. quarky_uk's Avatar
    Got it working.

    I think the root cause was that windows media player was not installed (I am in Europe so it is not installed by default).

    I then removed the android ADB drivers that I had added, removed the flash drive in device manager, and reconnected the Nexus. At that point it was re-detected, and windows 8 asked me what to do with it (open in explorer in my case).

    All appears fine now!

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    02-01-2013 05:34 AM
  7. Minkey1's Avatar
    Bizarre. What led you to think there could be a connection to the lack of WMP?

    Well done for sorting it though.
    02-01-2013 07:47 AM
  8. wunderbar's Avatar
    That actually makes perfect sense. MTP is the protocol that WMP uses to transfer to media players that are advertised to use WMP as the media manager (same analogy as iTunes and iPod). It would have never occurred to me that a) MTP would be tied to WMP and that b) WMP wasn't installed, but it does make sense.
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    02-01-2013 09:45 AM
  9. mr_nobody's Avatar
    Thank you EU competition bureau...
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    02-01-2013 11:47 AM

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