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    Anyone here use these with their N7? If so, how do you use it? Been researching things to do with mine and came across this.

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    03-08-2013 04:32 PM
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    Don't have a Nexus 7 but on my Nexus 4 I use them. I have stickers placed at home and at work at certain doorways I go out of. I use them to turn on/off GPS, WiFi, change sound levels, and in my car I have one that will automatically launch the Amazon music player app. These are the ones that I got, never thought I would use them, but I do everyday. I got the anti-metal ones since I have a few on the inside of garage doors at work, but there are at least 6 different kinds to pick from.
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    03-08-2013 06:23 PM
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    This thread http://forums.androidcentral.com/sho....php?p=2173390 has a large discussion about NFC and how to use it.
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    03-08-2013 06:45 PM
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    If you want some high quality NFC tag or development kit ( opening you a bunch of possibilities.) Buy NFC Tags, NFC Readers, NFC Software Development Kit | IdentiveNFC.com is probably the best choice.
    They do have a very large choice of design, and product type ( nfc magnet, stickers, card, keyfob, reader/writer...) and they also proposed a tag customisation to personnlaized your NFC Tag

    04-22-2013 04:58 AM

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