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    An issue I am having with some photo apps is an easy one to resolve I'm sure, but I've not been able to do so.
    Heads up, I'm still fairly new to the world of OS.
    On my Nexus 7 I have apps such as QuickPic and Perfectly Clear that are not reading any folders from the main gallery. I figure the settings would be easy as root>storage>sdcard0>Pictures. This has not been the case. On the HTC One, these two apps automatically connect to my photo folders. So I'm curious why this isn't so on the Nexus 7? I was expecting them to connect to the Auto Backup photo folder on Picasa. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
    06-11-2013 07:33 AM
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    I'm not sure what you mean by "not reading any folders from the main gallery", but I'll try to tell you some things to try in QuickPic. I don't know what your overall knowledge level is in this regard, so some of this might be quite basic and obvious to you.

    In QuickPic, if you have the Explorer box unchecked (tap the "view" icon in the upper right section to access this), then the only folders that will be visible are those that have photos directly within them. Therefore, if your Pictures folder only contains other folders with photos, but does not have any individual image files within it, the Pictures folder won't be shown. However, its subfolders that contain individual image files will be shown. It just won't be obvious that they are under the Pictures folder.

    If you then place a check in the Explorer box, the Explorer view will be enabled. This will show you all the folders, including the Pictures folder, even if they don't contain individual image files. This view is more comprehensive, of course, but also more cluttered, making it difficult to find the photos you're looking for. But at least you'll be able to find the Pictures folder and tap on it to reveal what it contains.

    If that wasn't the problem, then try these suggestions. Again, these only apply to QuickPic. Tap the menu button, then go to Settings > Browse > Included Folders, and verify that you have included all folders (the list should be empty), or at least the "main gallery" folder you refer to. Then go to Excluded Folders and make sure that you haven't excluded any folders you wish to view. If a folder that you want to view is listed here, tap the trash can icon to unexclude it.

    Next, tap the menu button, then tap Show Hidden. All folders that contain images, but also have a .nomedia file, will be shown. You'll likely be inundated with images, but perhaps the folders you're looking for will show up. If you then find such a folder, long press on it until the action bar appears at the top, tap the menu button and then the Unhide option. After completing this check for hidden folders, be sure to tap the Menu button again and choose Hide Hidden to unclutter your view.

    You also mentioned something about Picasa. Perhaps you have a Picasa app on your N7 that has the backup folder you refer to, but generally Google is phasing out Picasa and has replaced it with Google+ photos. On my N7, the only Picasa items I found after a search with Solid Explorer were some cache folders that contained Picasa as part of the name. If you were instead referring to an online folder, be aware that QuickPic only shows items that are stored locally on your N7. Instead, use the Gallery app to view all your online Google photos.

    I hope some of this helps. Good luck!
    06-11-2013 02:04 PM

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