1. charlieh1012's Avatar
    I just got my nexus 7 back maybe 10 days ago from a repair, I sent it in to Asus because I was having issues with it like yellow spots in the screen, squeaky left side and very fast battery drain and incredibly slow charge, it had been working great since I got it back until today.

    It seems to charge somewhat normally if it is not in use, but if I'm playing a game or even just reading or surfing the Web on it it drains like it's not plugged in at all even though it is plugged in and the little lightning bolt is on the battery icon.

    For the last week no matter what I did if it was plugged in, it would charge.

    Today the battery drains a little faster when I use it and even though it's plugged in, if I use it for anything the battery drains even though it's plugged in. Is this normal with tablets or is something wrong with mine that wasn't fixed only band-aided when I sent it in for repair?

    I really hope I could do something myself to fix this, I would hate to have to send it in for repair again only a little over a week after I got it back from a repair and I would also hate to have to spend another 30 dollars on shipping only to have it fixed for a week again.

    Is there anything I could try myself to fix this without voiding my warranty? Thanks in advance for any replies.
    07-27-2013 11:32 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Are you using the original charger block and USB cable?
    07-28-2013 01:27 AM
  3. charlieh1012's Avatar
    Yeah its the original, now the battery won't even charge, it also did this last time sometimes it would charge and sometimes it wouldn't no matter which charger I used.

    I have 2 Asus ones, the ones that come with the nexus 7 and another charger with the same kind of plug and nome of them work, I guess I have to send it in for repair again a whole week and a half after I got it back.
    07-28-2013 03:29 AM

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