1. David Otero Navarro's Avatar
    Hi everyone.
    I've got a Nexus 7 (32GB, Wi-Fi only model) and I'm quite happy with it.
    I have though an annoying issue with the keyboard. I know there are quite a few threads talking about keyboard problems, but I haven't found mine in any of them, so here we go:
    Since a couple of months, when I hit the space bar once sometimes (apparently random) instead of typing just one single space, it writes a point and a space, two spaces or a point and two spaces.
    I know it's not a really big problem but it gets really annoying.
    I have tried clearing the cache and rebooting, but it doesn't seem to do the job.
    By the way, it happens only on vertical mode. When the tablet is horizontal it seems to work just fine.
    Has anyone experienced this issue? Do someone know how to fix it? It'd be a great help.
    07-28-2013 07:46 PM
  2. EvilMonkey's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums. Sorry I'm not going to be any help since I have a new Nexus 7 (2013) and am not having any issues like that, but I installed Swype about 2 seconds after booting it up. Have you considered other keyboards? Might be worth installing one, switching to it and switching back (doubt that would fix it though, but worth a shot). With Swype and Swiftkey available, you might like those better anyways.
    08-02-2013 04:28 PM

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