1. profbob's Avatar
    On my Nexus 7, when I now bookmark a page reading a book and return
    to reopen book, it goes to a different page.
    Is there a fix (other than maybe factory reset)?
    09-24-2013 10:16 AM
  2. mr_nobody's Avatar
    What _app_ are you using? Google Play Books? What about a different ereader app (like aldiko)?
    09-24-2013 10:50 AM
  3. profbob's Avatar
    I am using Overdrive for reading local library books.
    Hasn't happened on other book sites used earlier.

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    09-24-2013 12:05 PM
  4. mr_nobody's Avatar
    Do you have the newest version of the overdrive app installed? I think they released a major new version not too long ago...

    [edit]: Also, are you reading the books on any other device because I'm pretty sure that overdrive now does multi device sync including bookmarks which could cause the behaviour you're seeing.
    09-24-2013 02:53 PM
  5. profbob's Avatar
    I only use the tablet for ebook reading, not my laptop.
    I downloaded this Overdrive version about two weeks ago.
    I'll see about updates or a reinstall.
    09-24-2013 05:02 PM
  6. mr_nobody's Avatar
    If you have the current version and it's not keeping your place properly, I would contact your library's support team and they can contact overdrive because it's not working properly.
    09-25-2013 07:03 AM

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