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    Well, I figured this would happen to me at some point. As the thread states I need help trying to get to stock on my N7. I used Wugs toolkit 1.7.2 and was on CM10.2 (4.3 JB). I got through the first step of trying to unroot, I am now stuck on the bootloader. I cannot boot into recovery, all my backups are gone (I think). I re-installed ADB drivers and see them in the device manager on PC but message "ADB device not found" shows up on the Toolkit. I can't believe I actually may have bricked this device. Anyway to get this back from the dead? Thanks for any help here...
    09-30-2013 08:18 PM
  2. lucky sevens's Avatar
    No guru's on this site to help out with this dilemma of mine? Any other places I can check? I've been all over Google to find a solution but everything requires some access to system settings and debug mode. I cannot get there due to the fact I have no operating system installed, I guess I'll have a nice paper weight ...hahaha.

    EDIT: Well I finally got it back with "Google Nexus 7 Tookit v2". Was able to get the original 4.1 OS on board and everything is back. Updating to 4.3 now, leaving it unlocked and stock for now....Whew. I'll have to find a new paper weight, hahaha.
    10-01-2013 04:52 PM

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