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    I had a post here earlier that my N7 2012 rebooted when I tried to look at the storage/apps. No solution was found so I gave up and did a factory reset. Now a few weeks later, the issue is back. So, what the heck - lets just wipe device again. I thought.

    I first did it from settings, went in and pushed "restore" but it crashed and rebooted. So, I rebooted myself and went into recovery. Picked "wipe data/factory reset" and up comes the text saying "formatting /data" and "formatting /cache". Then I pushed reboot and...everything was intact on my tablet? Did it again, this time wiping everything twice for good measure. Still nothing. It says that /data gets formatted but all the data stays intact?

    So, how do you reset this magical device of mine?
    04-02-2014 03:27 AM

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