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    Have a preordered 2012 Nexus, one of the very 1st, that never had an issue until now. When powering back on from sleep the black background, plus everything else, is like seeing it through a fog, like a brightness problem, except adjusting the brightness everywhere only changes the level of grayness. After about 5 minutes it eventually regains full bright color and black background. Tablet works fine in every other sense. No flickering, no abrupt changes on the display. Almost like it is slow getting power to the screen. Started abruptly two days ago, could it be the battery ? Charges fine and holds charge well depending on power usage.
    Found out the tablet battery was run down 4% to 5% several times recently and wonder if this may have caused battery damage ? I warned the users to watch battery level but they didn't heed my advice
    Any suggestions would be appreciated concerning what the problem may be, HELP !
    04-05-2014 02:41 PM

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