1. rosey203's Avatar
    I'm new to this forum and was seeking a way to reboot my 1st generation nexus. I've read the tricks of wiping the cache clean and well as wiping the tablet clean, both of which I have done several times to no avail. Software? Hardware? Any other suggestions??
    04-08-2014 08:41 AM
  2. Paul627g's Avatar
    Any further information leading to up to this event?
    04-08-2014 09:58 AM
  3. rosey203's Avatar
    It started crashing on chrome more frequently. The terminal event was "chrome has stopped working" followed by several other similar messages saying other programs (?) apps (?) have stopped working. I shut it off thinking it would "reset" and now it cycles between the Google logo and the 4 colored dots which stay on the screen forever.
    04-08-2014 10:36 AM

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