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    Hi all

    I'm attempting to fix a Nexus 7 2012 for a family member. I know that they never used a PIN previously and have been told that the PIN lock was activated when browsing the web and pressing the volume up button. Naturally I'm absolutely baffled as to how that set a PIN code but that's apparently what happened. Is there any Android malware that could have been downloaded which could cause this?

    Either way, I've used a variety of resources to attempt to recover the device WITHOUT resorting to a factory reset (which I would like to avoid if possible), however I've reached an impasse so decided to ask about my specific case directly. At this stage I'd be happy to just find a way to somehow remotely backup the device so that the appdata etc. could be restored following a factory reset.
    Here are the routes I've eliminated so far:

    • As this is a PIN code the option to login after 5 incorrect attempts is not available (that's for pattern locks only, unfortunately).

    • The Android Device Manager has not been set up with this device for Remote Wipe & Lock so I cannot change the PIN code remotely in this manner. Nor are there any other installed apps which would be of any similar use according to the list of installed apps on the corresponding Google Account.

    • Screen Lock Bypass Pro is incompatible with the device according to Google so I can't install that remotely from the Google Play store. Plus I don't know of any way to sideload it given the below two points (even if that were safe to do given that it's "incompatible"). This would have been sufficient to disable the lock screen long enough to back up the device using say Titanium Backup before wiping & restoring.

    • USB Debugging is not enabled which means I cannot do anything via ADB. Nor am I therefore able to backup by any means I've looked at thus far.

    • The bootloader is locked. To unlock you need to wipe the device, which as I mentioned above I want to avoid. This means I can't use a custom recovery to turn on USB Debugging and use ADB to load Aroma File Manager in order to delete the password database files.

    So, I would like to know a way to do any of the following without a factory reset:

    • Remotely enable USB Debugging.

    • Remotely install Screen Lock Bypass Pro.

    • Backup the device.

    • Any other method to achieve the backup of the device or a PIN code reset that I'm currently ignorant about.

    Please let me know if this is just impossible. I realise that the PIN code is there for a reason however I'm being persistent in case I'm overlooking something simple. Thanks in advance!
    04-20-2014 04:04 PM

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