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    After months of release candidates/betas, XBMC v13 "Gotham" is now available for download from XBMC site. I am currently using "Frodo" on my GN7 (2012) and it works flawlessly. However the newest version supposedly includes hardware media decoding on Android devices. That means you won't need to burn through your battery decoding media via software. XBMC also says performance has been improved on devices running Android.

    In searching the XBMC Android forums - I see many complaints from GN7 (2013) users that the new apk install is buggy on that device. I also see that there are two (2) Android versions for download (-ARM & x86). You can't get it on Google Play Store; you have to sideload it from the XBMC website.

    Here are my 2 questions:
    - Has anyone here installed "Gotham" on their 2012 GN7 yet, and how has it performed?
    - Am I correct that 2012 GN7 users should download the -ARM apk file?

    I will continue to research this updated version and will get back with comments after I feel comfortable installing it? Thanks.
    Update: I went to the XBMC website, and installed the ARM apk file this evening for Gotham v13. After install, everything is running smoothly (no problems with any of my many "add-ons") & overall performance does seemed improved. Kudos to the XBMC development team for making an outstanding (and free) program even better.
    05-09-2014 04:17 AM

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