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    Hello Guys, I hope you all are doing well, I have a problem with my Nexus 7 (2012) and i Hope you to help me..

    First of all, I am a noob in these things, so whatever you say, explain it with details please, Thanks already..

    My problem is a bit complicated (for me), My device ran out of battery and i (stupidly) left it in that status for 3 days before plug it to its wall charger, after an hour and i half, i turn it on and surprisingly it doesnt boot the Android OS. It just shows the GOOGLE logo with 4 options "START" "RESTART BOOTLOADER" "RECOVERY MODE" "POWER OFF" (the same options of the bootloader menu, but with the Google logo in this case).

    When i select these options, NONE of them work, the only one that works is Power Off. so I assumed my Tablet is "Bricked".

    I am trying to flash it completely to return it back to stock, i have seen some good tutorials using the SDK Manager or the Nexus Root Toolkit as well.

    But THE REAL PROBLEM is that both methods are asking me to have the USB Debugging Mode AVAILABLE, but to enable it i have to be inside the system, and to be inside the system..... well.... (XD)

    Is there a way for me to enable it and break this cycle, in order to flash my tablet?

    Thanks already for any answer.
    08-08-2014 12:46 AM

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