1. dZilla's Avatar
    So pulled my nexus 7 out of storage as I had issues with it turning on so gave up on it. Figured months have passed and maybe technology had advanced far enough that robot butlers will be able to fix this tablet. Tried plugging it in. Nothing. No charge. Tried plugging it into the computer. Device not recognized. So I'm assuming that means some sort of charge/connection occurred. When I plug it in I don't get a charging symbol or anything. I've tried every troubleshoot online.

    Unplugging battery
    Holding power button for 30 seconds
    Power button and volume button
    Charging for 30 minutes
    Etc... Etc...

    Wondering if anyone is smarter than the Internet on here to fix this.
    04-21-2015 12:46 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Do you remember what the battery level was the last time you used it? If it was pretty low, then over the months that you didn't use it, the battery may have slowly discharged to true zero, which is death for a battery. Try keeping it plugged into a wall outlet for at least 12 hours, then try powering on again. If nothing happens, then your best bet is to try replacing the battery.
    04-21-2015 12:58 PM
  3. systemofadown1's Avatar
    Yep, B. Diddy is absolutely correct
    In some cases where people have let their tablets battery become totally depleated - plugging into the 2.1 mA charger for a few days finally produced results.
    your laptop's USB won't produce enough current to get her off the ground so try the factory 2mA charger & cable.
    from my understanding once a lithium battery reaches Total discharge (when a lithium battery hits 0% there is still actually more life left but it's not allowed to go lower for the batteries sake) it's pretty much dead as B. Diddy said and you'll have to replace it
    when you put your Nexus 7 away what was the original issue? Just slowdown due to the recent 5.0 updates?
    04-25-2015 07:06 AM

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