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    Hola everyone!
    I've been getting a "camera error" message after using the front facing camera for Hangouts. After a while on Hangouts, my camera would just randomly turn off and prompt me the "camera error" message. Also, I would notice the area where the front facing camera is placed getting extremely hot. I believe the overheating causes the camera to shut off for protection. But why would the camera be overheating? Is it really because it's on for a while I'm on Hangouts? Has anyone encountered this problem with their new Nexus 7 while using Hangouts, Skype, etc.?
    Gracias for your help!

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    09-10-2013 11:04 PM
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    I Have a same problem with my new Nexus7. After using Skype for 45 minute, the frontal camera has suddenly shut down and doesn't work with any apps. Needless to say, the right upper part was extremely hot. This happened at last night so I am now considering to require for exchange. I made several screen shots for it. But is it happening to all of the Nexus7 2nd or I just had a bad luck? I don't know... If the latter, I'm going to require for refund. A tablet not capable to run Skype or hangout over 45 min is so ridiculous, isn't it?
    10-10-2013 12:52 AM

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