1. cobra302's Avatar
    Just wanted to check into the forum. I've had various devices throughout the years, and settled on an iPhone as my primary smart phone. With that said, I still love to dabble with everything else. I've had recently an HTC one, and just couldn't bring myself to complelty switch over. Too much invested with apps and productivity. I did have the opportunity to purchase a new nokia lumia 920 (only $1), this started a chain reaction that got me here. I did not like the nokia at all, so I traded it for a galaxy S3, knowing that I wouldnt really use it but would play on it with wifi like I normally do. Well, I put it on craigslist and decided if I got a bite I would sell, around an hour later it was gone! sold it for $175. I then decided that maybe an android tablet would cure my itch. Still keeping my communications the way I like, but the ability to play as well. I checked craigslist again, found a 2013 nexus 7 32 gig for 200. Talked them down to 180, and I am now the owner of a one month old nexus 7! It came with the original box, shrink wrap that was on the device, booklets, and charger. Really good deal! All in all I payed a total of $6 bucks for the tablet. I've been reading up here on it, installing apps and just general playing with it. Just wanted to say hey and that I will probably be lurking and posting dumb questions now
    10-15-2013 02:57 PM
  2. Paul627g's Avatar
    Welcome! Sounds like your buying and selling savvy got you into a few sweet devices. Anyhow glad to have you hear and enjoy that tablet!
    10-15-2013 03:27 PM
  3. douglerner's Avatar
    Welcome. I'm also a long-term iPhone user and am greatly enjoying my Nexus 7.

    10-15-2013 09:38 PM

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