1. preppystud's Avatar
    i have had this tablet for about a month, i have had a few random shutdowns. then when i press the power button for a long time, it won't even start. i have to press on it for at least more than 1 minute before it restarts itself.

    one time, i unplug the charger, the tablet immediately shut down itself. and today, when i tried to use it, the face verification just froze, then the tablet shut down.

    then twice, the tablet told me that my camera can't be found or connected (which i forgot the exact word), so i had to restart the tablet.

    i have called google several times about it, they only told me to go to the safe mode to check, etc. one guy told me to reinstall every app in order to find out which one is causing the problem. it is possible that some of the apps caused the problem. but i wonder how easily it is for google to allow an exchange?
    10-16-2013 08:27 AM
  2. Gekko's Avatar
    you won't know unless you ask - the worst that can happen is they say "no". explain your problem, be polite but firm, be persistent, and ask for what you want - an exchange. and do it quickly before more time passes.

    good luck.

    How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
    10-16-2013 08:49 AM
  3. patruns's Avatar
    You may indeed need a replacement. However, if an app or apps are causing issues it will only happen again with a new tablet if you let it reinstall everything during setup. Before I make that call to Google I would do a factory reset and do not let it reinstall all of the your apps when you set it up again. See how it runs after the reset without adding apps. If no issues after a couple of days, slowly add one app back at a time. If you have any issues before you start installing apps ask for a replacement.

    Update: I see from an earlier post you bought it from Amazon. You will need to contact them, not Google, for a replacement.
    10-16-2013 10:32 AM
  4. YAYTech's Avatar
    How easy it is to exchange depends on where you bought it, and exactly how long it's been. Check the return/exchange policy for the vendor you bought it from.
    10-16-2013 12:15 PM
  5. asus_usa's Avatar
    I believe the Amazon return policy is 30 days, but they might make an exception depending on your circumstances. First step would be to contact them. Google would not be able to exchange it for you unless you bought it from Google Play. If you're not able to get an exchange done because you were outside of the return window, you can contact Asus can we can help set up RMA service for your tablet.
    10-18-2013 04:41 PM
  6. preppystud's Avatar
    i bought it from a seller listed on amazon, not directly from amazon the company itself.
    10-23-2013 06:28 PM
  7. asus_usa's Avatar
    It would be best to contact that reseller directly then. A lot of times, their return policy is different than what Amazon offers. Since it was purchased from them and not Amazon, it would be their policy that you have follow.
    10-23-2013 06:44 PM
  8. preppystud's Avatar
    it is probably just an individual. or a small business. i don't think that those kind of people will accept returns?
    10-23-2013 07:02 PM
  9. asus_usa's Avatar
    It really depends. I sell things on eBay and I have a return policy if things don't work out. It doesn't hurt to try. Most resellers on Amazon will have some sort of return policy, though. Whether it's 30-days, 14-days, or no returns accepted, they have to have something.
    10-23-2013 07:27 PM
  10. kenyee's Avatar
    I saw those issues on the N7 2013 I returned. Same apps on an N7 2012 w/o the weird shutdown quirks. It's not the apps...
    10-23-2013 09:33 PM
  11. patruns's Avatar
    i bought it from a seller listed on amazon, not directly from amazon the company itself.
    You are totally at their mercy. Google will have nothing to do with this exchange as you did not buy directly (or indirectly) from them. I would recommend that you first contact the seller. If they refuse to help Amazon may off some assistance.
    10-24-2013 11:18 AM
  12. preppystud's Avatar
    i have called google several times to report my problems, they never asked me where i bought my tablet.

    asus has the one year warranty, so why should i contact the reseller from amazon?
    10-25-2013 05:22 PM
  13. YAYTech's Avatar
    asus has the one year warranty, so why should i contact the reseller from amazon?
    Because you asked about an exchange. An exchange would be done with the reseller, unless the manufacturer determines the device is faulty and the best way to remedy the problem is with a replacement.
    10-25-2013 07:22 PM

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