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    I purchased this and sold my ipad, I love the device. I am however uncertain at this point with one program and that's skype. I use the tablet for video conferencing and email more than anything, so to have a half working skype is painful. First was the zoomed in camera thing, but they seemed to have fixed that. But now it crashes nearly every time, and when it doesn't, the camera doesn't work at all. If I go to the camera app it just says that it cannot connect to the camera. Sometimes i have to reboot 2-3 times to get the camera back on.

    I've also noticed a delay with the power button. It seems to slowly increase in time. It used to come right on, then about 5 seconds, and now it takes as much as 10 seconds before it comes on. What gives with the long button press?

    Also, a separate issue is with Spotify. The station after a few plays stops playing, and gets to a point where it stops playing after even one song on the radio. I've read that it's a known issue and the only way to temporarily fix this is delete the cache, which works for a few hours at best.

    All of these are for the most part app issues, but it's frustrating. Any thoughts?
    11-11-2013 09:21 PM

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