1. blueherring's Avatar
    Hi all,

    Device/information: N7 from launch (a mistake I'll learn from), ran stock 4.3, and was not rooted.

    I started having issues with the Gallery/Camera a few weeks ago ("Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped.") so today I decided to give 4.4 a shot to see if it made any difference. An error was encountered in the downloading/installation of 4.4. Back in 4.3, I was having more error messages so I decided to factory reset.

    After resetting the device, I'm now stuck in a purgatory of sorts. The device asks for me to select a WiFi network and input a password. Then, without the keyboard appearing at all, I'm met with "Unfortunately, Google Keyboard has stopped." In effect, there is nothing here that I can do--noob that I am. I tried to reset again, via hardware this time, using the power and volume buttons—no success.

    I've also been getting the infamous phantom restarts since day 1, mostly while using Chrome. Some have occurred while using a voice recording app as well.

    I have the RMA information ready to go. Does this call for the send back? Do you guys have any recommendations to get past the startup process?

    (Sincerest apologies if this is in the wrong place.)
    11-22-2013 09:07 PM
  2. CooCooCaChoo's Avatar
    You can go to the bootloader and wipe the cache partition and do a factory reset from there.
    11-23-2013 05:48 AM

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