1. tmaze's Avatar
    I cannot get my Nexus (not rooted) to appear on my Windows 7 laptop - it does appear on my husband's Windows 8.1.

    Device manager says:
    Android Device
    Android ADB Interface - with the triangle -- This device cannot start. (Code 10)
    Google Nexus ADB Interface -- This device is working properly

    I had installed Helium on both pc and Nexus. I had not installed drivers downloaded from Helium site at first (thinking I would just look at the Nexus in Windows Explorer). When I plugged it in it searched for drivers and said it couldn't find any. I tried following the instructions to install the drivers given by the link at the Helium site - got lost at the end, found something in writing that said to chose .inf file which I did and that brought me to where I am now. I ended up removing Helium from both the pc and Nexus.

    Any clues as to making things right would be much appreciated (today has made this old woman think she may be demoted to a Kindle if she doesn't watch out)
    12-22-2013 05:06 PM
  2. jerrykur's Avatar
    If you try to start ADB manually do you get any error messages?

    If that does not work you can try turning on additional logging as described in this article, android - ADB is not starting (no error message) - Stack Overflow
    12-22-2013 06:08 PM
  3. tmaze's Avatar
    I'm not trying to run adb - I'm trying to have my laptop recognize my 2013 Nexus in order to look at files (like a usb drive). My 2012 Nexus shows up on my laptop. Both Nexies show up on my husband's Windows 7 machine so it must be something on this laptop.
    We just went through the Windows registry and copied then deleted everything left over from clockwork (helium) but it made no difference. I can use his computer if necessary, but it's very frustrating to have a two day old device and have a big glitch. We'll keep working at finding a solution. Thanks.
    12-22-2013 07:37 PM
  4. patruns's Avatar
    12-23-2013 10:13 AM

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