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    Just wondering if any other users are having issues with video camera recording on the new nexus 7. Just purchased the device have not downloaded any apps yet but testing the back camera and all my video recordings fail to record at 30fps.

    1080p is at 20fps, 720p at 21fps and 480p at 23fps, no other apps open at the time of recording and using the current latest android build for the device. The video recording freezes and is very jerky at 1080 and 720---less so at 480.

    I'm thinking there is some CPU throttling(Recording when device is cold and not been in use for long so no idea why it would throttle) or it is struggling to capture at those rates, did not check with the previous Android build as i updated the device straight away so maybe there is a bug related to the Kit Kat update.

    Have not found anyone else with the same issue so maybe there is a hardware issue with the camera, i have also noticed the auto focus during filming changing way too often but i think other users have had this problem also.

    Thanks in advance guys,

    12-31-2013 08:59 PM

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