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    This was talked about a few times in various forums on the 2013 N7, more recently I posted my results on the xda site. Just thought I would post here to offer a possible solution to those who are experiencing a lack of touch response. I did this and it worked wonders....just like a brand new device that has perfect touch response. I also use a SPG Crystal Clear screen protector and do not find it at all hurting the touch sensitivity.

    Nexus 7: Possible Touch Fix-n7.floscreencabletweak.jpg

    1. Turn off the tablet and take off the back cover off. (Take the cover off from the top first, then the bottom around the charger jack last. When you put the cover back on again, start with the bottom first as the charger jack has a recess it needs to sit into. I just used my finger nail to separate the back cover and worked around the rest of the seam with a piece of plastic like a guitar pick). Take your time with this as you may find the cover sticking a bit around the on/off upper corner area like I did.

    2. Then reconnect the screen ribbon cable connection at the motherboard terminal. You can do this without taking off or altering the Teflon sticker over the cable end connection. There is enough play to allow you to remove the connection and plug back in. Use a tooth-pic or some non metal device to gently lift the plug out of the socket and then press it back in.

    3. Put the back cover on by putting the bottom on first with the charger jack set into the recessed area on the cover section.

    4. Power up the tablet and see what happens ! Hope it works for you

    I do recall hearing about this a few months back where people reported a loose connection. But many that have done this without the connection actually being loose, reported it helping the touch response work properly. I found that is worked to make my touches perfect now. Seems like there could be some issues with either the cable end or socket needing some minor abrasion/scratching/friction to make perfect contact. Could be from some sort of coating on the parts possibly. So by just pulling it out and pluging it in 2 times.....I found this to be true.
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