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  1. zerrisk's Avatar

    I have a new N7, and I bought it for school and media. I use it for PDF textbooks, and with the right reader, it has performed smoothly so far. I cannot find a reader for PPTs and Excel that are smooth.

    But one main issue is with power points, some slides show up weird/distorted or not at all. I know it's not the power point because on my computer and my iPad, they show up fine. What can I do to fix it?
    Attached Thumbnails Power Points don't show up properly!-screenshot_2014-02-19-10-13-28.png   Power Points don't show up properly!-screenshot_2014-02-19-10-13-35.jpg  
    02-19-2014 02:33 PM
  2. jerrykur's Avatar
    I would contact the app's developer. They seem to have a problem.
    02-19-2014 02:36 PM
  3. zerrisk's Avatar
    That is OfficeSuite, QuickOffice and Olive have similar issues on my device.
    02-19-2014 02:59 PM
  4. zerrisk's Avatar
    Bump, I converted the PPTx to PPT and it works with the default QuickOffice fairly well (with lag) but not with other readers.
    02-20-2014 12:49 AM
  5. jerrykur's Avatar
    PPTx(xml) and PPT are two different formats so apparently those apps do not handle the PPTx very well.
    02-20-2014 11:05 AM

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