1. All HaIIows Eve's Avatar
    I don't usually need the latest and greatest the day it comes out, but I also don't like buying a device and having a new version come out shortly after. I am interested in a Nexus 7, but should I buy one now, or wait and see what Google has in store this summer?
    04-11-2014 12:20 PM
  2. jerrykur's Avatar
    No way of knowing when or if a new nexus 7 will appear. The current one was announced in August 2 months after io

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    04-11-2014 05:06 PM
  3. GSDer's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums!

    Too bad they don't have a voting capability in the forums - then you could just get a running vote total rather than having to read through all of the comments. Oh well...

    I'd vote for waiting for the new model - at best, you get a better camera with OIS, a faster processor or better build quality; at worst, you get a better price on the old 2013 model - a win either way you look at it.

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    04-11-2014 05:06 PM
  4. brosko's Avatar
    I say wait for the nexus 8!
    04-11-2014 08:49 PM
  5. fed123's Avatar
    Depends on how much it will cost. I just got the 2013 ed. from Verizon (4G) for 49.00 with a new contract. Couldn't pass it up, even though my 2012 is still working great.
    04-15-2014 04:28 PM
  6. TraderGary's Avatar
    I own a Nexus 5 and both versions of the Nexus 7 and am definitely getting the Nexus 8. I'd say that since we're this close, hold out for the Nexus 8.

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    04-15-2014 08:50 PM

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