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    I am using a 5GHZ Wifi connection with the IP Tools app showing between 135M and 150M speeds at any given time. When I need to transfer a file from a PC on my network to the nexus, I can do it one of two ways:

    1) Using "WiFi File Transfer Pro" which creates a website on the nexus. Going to this website on my PC browser and initiating the transfer from there, my 120MB file transfers in perhaps 10 seconds. Maybe 15.

    2) I use one of several apps on the nexus (ES File Explorer, Astro, X-Plore) all of which can access the shared folders on that PC and I initiate the transfer from the nexus. If I find that same file on the PC shared folder, and copy and paste it into the Download folder on the nexus, it takes 7 minutes, and shows a speed of about 250ks.

    What's going on? Using both methods I've tried to eliminate all other variables: same file, to/from same locations, and doing it alternately. The results are very consistent.

    04-19-2014 10:28 AM

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