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    I know there's lots of threads on this, but each issue that comes up is slightly different to mine. I have a Nexus 7 GSM tablet, 2013 version (I think). I can get into the Bootloader screen, and I downloaded and set up the Android SDK manager, and used the command prompt to try to reset it. I couldn't get past the first command, getting the message "waiting for device" which I figured was a driver issue. After strugging to download drivers which would work, I gave up for the night.

    Overnight my PC updated, and the next morning my tablet was recognise as an Android Device, with .Android bootloader interface' marked as a driver. That enabled me to do a factory reset from the fastboot menu. Now it will only go as far as the fastboot start screen, and won't enter the recovery screen. I just get the message 'Booting failed'.

    I've was using the Nexus Toolkit, which seems pretty good, but in following the instructions to calibrate a driver, when I uninstall the Bootloader interface driver, the Android Device disappears from the Device menu listing, and when I try to manually add a recommended driver, the computer does an automatic search and I end up with the Bootloader one again, which I am loathe to delete completely! My main problem is that I can't enable debugging if I can open my Nexus.

    I'm literally learning as I go along, so please be patient.

    The details I have at hand are I'm using Windows Vista

    and the details for my Nexus pulled from the Bootloader screen are

    urgh, I'll have to update that later, the battery ran out.

    I'd really appreciate it if someone can talk me through this, I'm sure this is fixable without sending it off. Apart from the hard delete, I haven't done anything with it, I've really looked after it, no dodgy downloads, and I've been running an up to date virus checker. I simply turned it off and back on, after it started to become unresponsive, I figured due to the fact I'd maxed out the memory. It then became stuck in a bootloop.

    I'm going away this weekend, and really need it up and running

    05-06-2014 09:03 AM

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