1. preppystud's Avatar
    that is total 9 days of free of troubles, which is a record for me.

    since they reinstalled the system, one app froze, and it restarted on 6/28. and today, i wasn't using it, it rebooted itself again.

    i will wait and see if it will do it again, i may have to send it again for repair.
    07-06-2014 09:49 PM
  2. ffejjj's Avatar
    One of the main things that pushed me away from the N7 was...

    Every store unit, no matter which store I went to, was froze. None worked.

    Sure it was a demo unit but all the Samsung tabs worked, all the G pads worked but not one N7 did in any store I went to. To me that spoke volumes

    Sent from my HTCONE using AC Forums mobile app
    07-06-2014 11:29 PM

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