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    I recently bought a used Nexus 7 [2013].

    After I flash a fresh 4.4.3 ROM on it, it works fine for about week, generally. Then after some days of use (hibernating at night of course), it will spontaneously crash and reboot.

    - If it's not plugged in, it will run into a perpetual boot loop.
    - If I plug it in, it will reach the encryption passcode screen; on pressing the first key, it will play the keypress sound, then immediately crash and reboot.
    - If I mute it at the encryption passcode screen, I can enter the passcode and it boots, but then it has no sound when boot completes.

    I'm on 4.4.3 because previously I thought it was the 5.0.x releases that had such issues.
    Previously I thought the Bittorrent Sync app was causing the initial spontaneous reboot, but it's recently happened again in spite of not having installed Sync.

    I've had to flash the ROM (and lose all my data/config) several times now. I can get to the Recovery Mode occasionally.

    Has anyone else heard of this or experienced it before?

    This is my first real Android device and it's been quite frustrating so far. Help would be greatly appreciated.

    [Update] I let it upgrade to 5.0.2 again, having reached Safe Mode. For some reason during the "spinning balls" animation in 5.0.2, it plays a keypress sound, and still crashes... same as above. Cleared the application cache via Recovery Mode, the problem persists. It's driving me nuts.

    [Update again] I got through the 5.0.2 setup process by muting it again. Seems the sound problem triggers even after full factory reset.
    03-24-2015 12:39 AM

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