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    Hey there guys,

    I have this strange issue I've come accross all the sudden. I started happening after the latest update, but may not be related.

    Basically the tablet will freeze, do some ghosting (sometimes 3/4 to 7/8 of the screen will freeze and the rest shows the next frame) and generally just becomes unresponsive to touch. My Fiance plays candy crush on it all the time, and that is basically it's main purpose (lol). The reason I tell you that is because I'll hear audio playing but then the screen won't update.

    The only thing that seems to fix it is to toggle the power button on and off the switch the screen. When I do that, I'll see this:

    Freezing/Screen Artifacts-img_20150826_142425.jpg

    Sometimes it just flashes that screen for a second, and then goes back to normal. Other times it will get stuck on that screen and require a reboot.

    Some history:

    I rooted and flashed Lollipop on this as soon as I received the tablet since the OTA update wasn't available yet (Late November, 2014 I believe). I didn't have issues for several months. I did allow it to auto update since then. Since the issue has started, I've tried flashing the tablet back to stock using factory images (5.1, 4.3 even). I've also tried flashing Cyanogen Mod on there with a custom recovery just to see if maybe it is something OS related. I've wiped all the cache (dalvik, etc.) all of this does not seem to help.

    I am coming to a conclusion that this might be a hardware issue of some sort, but hoping there are some gurus out there that know better?
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    08-27-2015 10:39 AM
  2. Kaffal Jidhm's Avatar
    I have EXACTLY the some problem.
    I tried a dozen things to no avail. Wiping the cache and factory reset seems to improve but the problem doesn't go away.
    Mine is a Nexus 7 Wifi 2013, It happened after 5.1.1 OTA. NOW I'm on Android 6 and having the same problems.
    It's making my tablet unusable and driving me nuts.
    Anyhelp would be greatly aprreciated.

    11-09-2015 06:51 AM

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