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    I am on a nexus 7 2013, marshmallow 6 latest version. I had a outlook account and about 2 months ago I could attach and send a jpg photo from Google photos app but could not open it from my email after I sent it and could not open any jpg anyone would send me. I got the error saying I do not have a app installed. What app? It tells me nothing to help the problem. I have not uninstalled any app. I first thought it was a outlook problem. I since opened a proton mail account and it does the exact same thing. Except the error message is different saying, could not download. I have Uninstalled all the updates from Google Drive and photos and cleared the cache and ran CCleaner. No change, same problem. Please help as I am lost to what app is causing this issue and what can I do to fix it? I would bet it is something simple that the experts here can figure out and guide me. My Gmail attaches, sends and opens attachments just fine. I though do not use Gmail for my daily emailing. I no longer use outlook either. I use proton mail as my primary email account. Thanks.

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    05-17-2016 07:01 PM

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