1. VolMan37421's Avatar
    Does the Nexus 9 support having multiple applications open and viewable at the same time like the Galaxy tablets do? If so, how do you make that happen? I may just be missing it, but I can't find how to do that if it exsists.

    Thanks for the help!
    11-17-2014 08:16 AM
  2. Phil Nickinson's Avatar
    Nope. It's a Samsung-only thing at the moment.
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    11-17-2014 09:20 AM
  3. VolMan37421's Avatar
    Thanks Phil. I was afraid that was the case. I appreciate the confirmation.
    11-17-2014 09:25 AM
  4. flugelboy's Avatar
    That's the one thing I like about the Samsung Touchwiz. I don't like it enough to want the rest of it though. Hopefully multi window will come to stock android soon.
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    11-17-2014 09:26 AM
  5. craZDude's Avatar
    Nope. It's a Samsung-only thing at the moment.
    If I'm not mistaken, LG has "dual window", which accomplishes the same thing, right?

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    11-18-2014 01:20 AM
  6. fm123's Avatar
    No that is not a feature, but if you just need browsing or media you can try Gplayer and associated browser.
    11-18-2014 11:43 PM
  7. VAVA Mk2's Avatar
    There is a rumor that Google has multi window support in the works for a future version of Android.

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    11-19-2014 11:19 PM
  8. Valeri Ilyin's Avatar
    Android M should support multi-windows mode. Let's wait for Android M
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    07-06-2015 06:46 AM
  9. Snapphane's Avatar
    There are few "floating" apps out there. I have used Hovernote a lot, which is a small note app. I have also seen browsers, calculators etc. Sony has also adopted this and offers a few small apps as apart of their phones. My Xperia Z3 came with a timer, a webbrowser, a calculator and a "touch block" and a "take a screenshot" thing. Haven't used it yet, but it's there 😊
    07-06-2015 09:17 AM
  10. Yoink676's Avatar
    Check out the M preview.

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    07-08-2015 12:47 AM

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