1. systemofadown1's Avatar
    I received another small update today everything seems to be running alright so far.
    Anyone have time to check it out??
    09-16-2015 08:19 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    How small? If it was just a few MB, I'd guess it's solely for the Stagefright patch.
    09-16-2015 09:27 PM
  3. Tervz's Avatar
    Got it too, 27.4 mbs, but I'm already at 5.1.1 and have the Stagefright update. Is this another? Haven't installed yet.
    09-16-2015 10:08 PM
  4. ewak12321's Avatar
    It feels snappier

    Sent from my GT-I9295 using Tapatalk
    09-17-2015 02:50 AM
  5. fm123's Avatar
    I did mean to say it removed some of the tab reloading in Chrome. If you don't have a ton of tabs it doesn't reload very much.
    09-18-2015 11:46 AM
  6. Philip Jeffery's Avatar
    I received an OTA update last night, unfortunately it seems to have messed up my tablet, now I just get the loading "Swirling circles" without ever getting to the home screen. Tried everything, even factory reset but no luck.

    Any suggestions? fortunately its under manufacturers warranty so will be heading to PC world to get it looked at tomorrow, but not ideal.

    Don't want to take it any further in case I void my warranty
    09-18-2015 01:50 PM
  7. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Have you tried booting into Recovery and wiping the cache partition? https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-17848
    systemofadown1 likes this.
    09-18-2015 08:45 PM
  8. Philip Jeffery's Avatar
    Thanks for that, wiping the cache was the first thing I tried, eventually gave it a factory reset and still no luck.

    I did have a look sideloading a recovery image but I couldn't find anyway to unlock the bootloader, I haven't enabled USB debugging or the OEM unlock, as the tablet doesn't boot I can't change these settings.

    I'm assuming that if/when I get the tablet back from HTC I should look into unlocking the bootloader (when my warranty ends) just in case this happens again.
    09-21-2015 01:49 PM
  9. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Did you look at this guide on how to manually install system updates on a Nexus? How to manually update your Nexus | Android Central
    09-21-2015 05:52 PM
  10. Philip Jeffery's Avatar
    Thanks Diddy, but I'm unable to get past the first step.

    My tablet won't boot - I just get a permanent loading screen, therefore I have no access to any of the device settings, only the options available through recovery mode.

    Before I had these issues my device was still locked, USB debugging and OEM unlock were disabled, I am unable to enable them as the tablet won't boot.

    I'm assuming there is no way to flash the device if it is still locked, would this be correct?
    I'm also assuming that you cannot unlock a device via recovery mode, is this correct?

    If both of the above are true, would it be advisable to enable USB debugging and OEM unlock as soon as you get hold of a device to avoid these problems in the future?
    09-22-2015 04:29 AM
  11. systemofadown1's Avatar
    If both of the above are true, would it be advisable to enable USB debugging and OEM unlock as soon as you get hold of a device to avoid these problems in the future?

    Seems to be mandatory, especially in the Nexus 9's case - this has happened before.
    09-22-2015 07:20 AM
  12. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Sorry, I'm not sure what else to suggest at this point besides going with the warranty repair/replacement.
    09-22-2015 11:35 AM
  13. fm123's Avatar
    Depending on which update it could take awhile. How long did you wait? I think one update I just left it overnight.
    09-23-2015 07:38 AM
  14. Asseidi14's Avatar
    so I'm not sure exactly what the update was, but it entailed a reboot with the Android robot animation for several minutes)
    09-23-2015 07:41 AM

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