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    The Nexus Player is short on apps, but will get more as time goes on. But.. a strong point is the ability to mirror onto your tv. Apps like XFINITY, History Channel and such can be mirrored until apps are developed. To me that's a strong selling point... the ability to mirror. That will make up for the lack of apps. Just my opinion. I know others may think otherwise. I believe that app development for the Nexus Player will hinge on how successful sales are. The more popular it is.. the more developers will create apps. I have a Roku. Although the Roku has hundreds of apps... in MY opinion most are garbage. There are a core group of popular channels like HULU, Plex, Netflix and such. Just because a device has more apps and channels doesn't necessarily mean it's better. Again.. all MY opinion. I believe with Google backing this device we will see it became a strong contender.
    11-14-2014 01:38 AM

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