1. jlinz20's Avatar
    Is anyone else having an issue with Netflix not playing in full screen? When I first start the app, it works fine, but when the post play kicks in and the next episode of a show fires up, it appears in a small box in the top left of the screen the only way to get it back in full screen is by force closing the app and restarting.

    Tries turning post play off and it still happens.

    Posted via Android Central App
    01-21-2015 11:53 PM
  2. H2o's Avatar
    Yep. Glad its not just me! Happened to me two days ago

    Posted via the Android Central App
    01-23-2015 12:28 PM
  3. kansasandroid1's Avatar
    Yes this just started happening to me to! Every time I just exit out and go back in and works just fine

    Posted via the Android Central App
    01-23-2015 01:31 PM
  4. GoBigRed4's Avatar
    Same for me. Didn't think about this until now, but has anybody checked in the play store for an update to Netflix? And I mean checking from the nexus player, not on a phone or tablet. Isn't it usually different? I can't really do it right now, but it's worth a shot. Next option will be contacting Netflix.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    01-24-2015 08:36 AM
  5. jlinz20's Avatar
    I've noticed its only when pressing the "play next episode" right after one has ended that its happened, if I back out to the list of episodes and pick the next one manually all is fine.

    Very strange. I see the Netflix application hadn't been updated since November 23rd, was there a recent update to the Nexus Player, I just got mine 3 days ago.

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    01-24-2015 10:13 AM
  6. jaleelhamid's Avatar
    I have no problem with this.
    01-29-2015 11:53 PM
  7. mlepage's Avatar
    I have not had a "small box" playback issue, but for the last week or so, I can't connect to Netflix (Canada) to play back at all! Very annoying!
    01-31-2015 05:24 PM
  8. Greg C's Avatar
    The only issue I have had with Netflix is that it buffers often. On my Roku 3 that never happened. However.. Netflix on my Nexus Player has a much sharper HD picture than on my Roku. Maybe it buffers more because of that and my slow wifi. I don't know why Netflix is sharper on my Nexus Player. Better chip.. more RAM?
    02-04-2015 07:20 AM
  9. jaleelhamid's Avatar
    On my nexus player Netflix runs smoothly. No buffering. HD clicks in fast
    02-05-2015 07:15 PM
  10. comfortably nub's Avatar
    There was a patch for Netflix the other day but i never had any issues with it myself. On a side note I have noticed that the play store does not auto update apps even tho I have set it to so make sure to check for updates manually
    02-06-2015 02:59 PM
  11. jaleelhamid's Avatar
    Some showw on Netflix don't go full screen. They stay as a video clip in the top corner
    03-03-2015 07:34 PM
  12. mike ardito's Avatar
    I just got a nexus player today. Netflix is NOWHERE to be found on the unit. And when I go to the play store it's not there. And if I try to go to the play store on line, it won't allow me to select my nexus player to install it. Am I missing something?

    Posted via the Android Central App
    05-28-2015 06:16 PM
  13. jeremysummers's Avatar
    I'm having the same thing, did you figure anything out?
    06-01-2015 08:53 PM
  14. readhpr's Avatar
    My parents have a Nexus Player that I gave them as a gift, and I am their tech support person (for this and all their other devices). They use it mainly for Netflix. For about the last month, autoplay doesn't work right. They keep get error messages and keep getting signed out and have to sign back into Netflix, and I think sometimes they have to power cycle the Nexus Player even to get the sign-in to come up. Basically they can only watch one episode at a time and then it's a huge pain to get back in to watch the next episode. I looked at the app reviews for the Netflix app in the Play Store, and see lots of other people leaving 1-star reviews and complaining about the exact same problem. It seems to be happening since the last app update in mid-June. Is anyone else having this problem? Anyone know of a fix or workaround? Is there anyway to uninstall the update and revert back to the version that worked?
    08-01-2015 02:41 PM
  15. Snapphane's Avatar
    I heard that Netflix had responded saying it was an internal issue on their side. And that it was about to be fixed. In the meantime people had had success by skipping the auto play. Just back out when the episode ends and start it up again. I tried it and it worked like a charm. I also heard that auto play can be turned of in the settings, but it affects the whole account. So good if you only use the Nexus Player, bad if you want to keep auto play on the phone or tablet.
    08-02-2015 02:57 PM
  16. redcodefsu's Avatar
    I'm having the same issue with having to sign in every time I open Netflix and then after each episode. Hope the fix is soon.
    08-07-2015 09:41 AM

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