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    For those of you who have had the Nexus Player since its release and are disappointed by the lack of apps and using a remote has become cumbersome, I'd like to let you know about LolliRock a new custom ROM for the Nexus Player.

    I have installed it a couple of days ago, and it is awesome. It provides full Android 5 UI, so you do need a mouse, keyboard is optional.

    I have Kodi and several other media apps, along with gmail, calendar all working well. From what I understand webcam and Google Hangout is supported but have not tested. I believe Skype also works, and will be testing it out over the next few days.

    I thought I would drop a line to everyone who aren't aware of it.

    [ROM][AOSP][LolliRock][v.1.5] | Nexus Player | XDA Forums
    02-05-2015 07:59 AM
  2. john patterson2's Avatar
    are there instructions on how to install? I have downloaded the file but am unsure on how to apply it.
    02-10-2015 01:17 PM
  3. Wilberries's Avatar
    Its a little involved John, as this is essentially flashing a ROM onto a Android device. It is a little on the techie side of things.

    I had a set up from a previous android box which included a USB hub and wireless mouse. Keyboard is not required, so if you have those handy it makes life easier and less expensive.

    Once you install this ROM you interface via a mouse (the Nexus Player remote will have limited functionality, essentially up down left right and enter for apps supporting it). I use a standard wireless mouse with the dongle plugged into the USB hub.

    If you are okay with that, then you can continue. I used my laptop to install the apps below and then you connect the Nexus Player to the TV via HDMI and your laptop via USB (your Android phone usb cable will work if you have one, otherwise you need a micro USB to USB cable). When you run the first command adb devices your Nexus Player will prompt you to confirm authrozation (you'll need the Nexus remote to accept).

    Here is a guide Flashing Guide - Android - XDA-Developers

    The first thing is to get the Nexus Player ready, you need to enable developer options on the Nexus Player, by clicking the build number 7 times (with plaer remote) or so til it says its in developer (under settings about Build Number) mode. Once you have done this you need to enable USB debugging, this allows you to use the USB port of the Nexus Player. You can find this in the developers option under settings of the Nexus Player.

    Now you have to download the Android SDK in order to get the ADB and Fastboot programs, this is what is used to flash ROMs onto android devices.
    Download Android Studio and SDK Tools | Android Developers

    Once you have the SDK installed (make sure you know the path of where it is installed, I installed to desktop, as you will need to know it to run ADB and Fastboot from CMD ) Below is a guide you can start at #1. Unlocking Bootloader
    [GUIDE] Nexus Player - How to Unlock Bootloa… | Nexus Player | XDA Forums

    These are the commands I used and sequence.
    1. ADB devices (your Nexus Player will prompt you to authorize the access, use the remote to accept. You're ready to flash)
    2. ADB reboot bootloader
    3. fastboot oem unlock
    4. fastboot oem unlock (second time)
    5. fastboot flash boot boot.img
    6. fastboot flash system system.img
    6. fastboot -w

    You will need your mouse plugged into a USB hub that is connected to the Nexus Player in order to operate.

    It took me several attempts to get this right, which I have explained here ( had to go get the answers through forums, etc) so it should be easier for you.
    02-10-2015 02:52 PM
  4. Stuart Naylor's Avatar
    Just got my Nexus Player, what a load of old tosh!!!

    It doesn't matter though as I had read about the Lollirock Rom and now pulling my hair out as I did have an OTG cable somewhere.

    I really wanted to have a look at lollipop TV and yeap exactly what I thought, honestly it sucks, its absolutely baron.

    Even if you don't want to stick a wireless keyboard and mouse there are some great apps like droidmoteserver and droidmoteclient

    I am pushing ahead in a community center and throwing out windows for Nexus players running lollirock 1.6 on a veiwsonic td2340

    I have one on order to test but fingers crossed should work.

    Its took 8 years to shift windows workstations out of a community training center for the digitally and deprived in the community.

    Why I am posting is that Zulu the guy doing all the fantastic work with lollirock, is why is google being so blind lollipop TV sucks and with android phones being so common I don't get the remote and why not an official rom or give Zulu a job, money or recognition.

    At the moment I can't really advise anyone to get a standard nexus player and if I had the cash I would be buying em wholesale working with Zulu and providing a great bit of kit.

    I might set up a lollirock user site as I already have it if people show interest and get a collaborative self help user base going if anybody is interested.
    04-06-2015 12:10 PM
  5. Wilberries's Avatar
    I bought the Nexus Player as soon as it was released, actually pre-release and waited about a month to get it. The hardware is decent and when you couple it with either a remote app like Droidmote or use a wireless mouse (my preference), it works well. I also connected an OTG USB hub so I can plug in flash sticks and external HD, and has now become my media centre, driven by Kodi.

    I agree in supoprting Zulu, and although I don`t use his app, I hit his donate button on XDA. I am still on 1.5, but if you are new to it I`d install the 1.6. He is adding additional functionality for BT devices and webcams so another version shouldn`t be that far away either.

    There is a Q&A section for lollirock on XDA already you can join in there
    [Q&A] [ROM][AOSP][LolliRock][v.1.1] | Nexus Player | XDA Forums
    04-06-2015 03:52 PM

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