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    This was done using Linux. There's no reason it won;t work with a Mac, or Windows if the correct driver can be found.

    This might just ruin your Nexus Q. Know that before you start.

    Install Android SDK
    Download fastboot binary for your system
    Download the attached unsecure boot image. Unzip it and extract the NQ_insecure_boot.img file
    Set up your Nexus Q
    Using the app, turn on USB debugging
    Plug it into your computer via the USB connection
    run adb reboot-bootloader to boot into fastboot
    run fastboot devices to make sure you see the NQ
    run fastboot oem unlock
    count to three, then run fastboot oem unlock_accept
    Your Q will erase, then reboot unlocked.
    Set it back up wth your Android phone again, and turn debugging back on.
    then run:

    adb reboot-bootloader 
    fastboot boot NQ_insecure_boot.img
    Your Q now boots with root permissions. You can now mount /system and push su to /system/xbin, then reboot normally.
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    07-05-2012 06:50 PM
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    شنو يعني

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    I gotz sum learnin' to do!!
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