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    I pre-order the Pixel 2 XL 128GB for $1005 through Project-Fi with a trade-in of the NEXUS 6 for $110. They charged my credit card for $1005. But I received a credit of $110 a few days later after I sent in the old phone. But I had to return the PIXEL 2 XL because of the many issues with it, I returned it within the 15 days period. However, project-fi only refunded me $895. They said since I returned the PIXEL 2 XL, I lost the trade-in value. So they subtracted $110 from the $1005 and that was my refund. They said I only paid $895 for the phone because of the trade-in. I asked them to return my NEXUS 6, they said NO. so they get to keep my NEXUS 6 without paying for it. Spent hours with project-fi customer service and got no where. They're in the "confused land". Talked to several of time and got different answers all the time.
    12-07-2017 12:58 AM
  2. Jeremy8000's Avatar
    Interesting scenario. I'm surprised Google didn't put in some sort of official control that the trade-in would not be completed and credited until after the 15-day return period had expired, to avoid your circumstance (and people being able to use the system to effectively just sell their old phone).

    For the vast, vast majority of people, this will likely not prove to be an issue as your experience of having the trade-in quickly processed is the only one I've read about - They received mine 5 1/2 weeks ago and still haven't gotten around to assessing it (from another thread, the month+ processing time seems to be the new norm).

    Curious how they end up resolving it - let us know when they figure it out!
    12-07-2017 08:46 AM

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