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    I have 4 cases for the Pixel 2 XL and these are some very brief impressions of each. The 4 cases are:

    The Spigen Liquid Crystal
    The Spigen Rugged Armor Extra
    Speck Presidio Show in black
    Incipio Retrievo Sport in blue

    I like all these cases but each is slightly different. I have the black 2 XL and at this point after trying these cases I really see no real benefit to a clear case vs not but we all have our preferences.

    All four cases have the cutouts in the right places and fit nice and snug, though the Speck fits snugger than the other 3.

    The Spigen Liquid Crystal is a great clear case. It's not ultra thin by any means and because of this, actually offers decent drop protection. It's not thick either. I personally wouldn't go thinner than this case and I think it's a great option for those who just want to get to that level where some real drop protection is provided by a case, while still showing the phone off (that is if you feel clear cases do that). Great case but probably being returned in my case.

    The Spigen Rugged Armor Extra - I thought this was going to be a bigger case with crazy drop protection but it's not - it's an average sized case with some real nice extra bumper protection on the corners. It is a very attractive all black case. And what it also has is the best hand feel of all four cases I currently own. Just is the perfect balance of grippiness and soft touch. This case is definitely staying in my rotation. All these cases have a lip to protect the front of the screen in a drop, but I wish this case had a little extra depth in that regard.

    The Speck Presidio Show is the thickest case in this set of four. I mean it just exudes protection. It's not Otterbox big by any means and yet you still will feel very confident with this puppy on if you drop your phone from higher up. It has a nice hand feel to it, maybe a tad slicker than not. The front screen protective lip is the biggest by far of any case here.

    THe Incipio Retrievo Sport - Nice case. Weird thing is the rear fingerprint sensor cutout is much bigger than it needs to be, it just doesn't feel as cozy when finding and swiping your finger on here but besides that it's a nice case. Small lip in the front is my biggest gripe, but extra corner protection is something I like. If the lip was bigger in the front this might be my daily driver over the Speck. But this case is probably going back as well.

    Verdict: Out of four I'll keep two - the Speck and the Spigen Rugged Armor Extra. But the other two cases are just fine for people that want clear cases and/or do not think having a deeper front lip protection is important.
    12-16-2017 11:39 PM

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