1. DigbyTheDog's Avatar
    Is there a way to tell Google Photos what label it should give a photo? For instance, it labeled pictures of my black and white dog the same as one of my brown dogs. It did create two groups of brown dogs but there are pictures of both dogs in both groups. I.e. Talis shows up in both the Willow group and the Talis group. Same thing for Willow. I have figured out how to "remove results" but not how to tell Google where the photo should be. Google also thinks alpacas are birds, which they are not.
    01-03-2018 07:26 PM
  2. VivaTerlingua's Avatar
    I'd just create an album called "brown dogs" and another album called "white dogs" and put the appropriate photos in each album.
    01-04-2018 07:03 AM

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