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    Look, the price of two Google Home Minis shouldn't be that big of a deal, but its the not the dollar value, it's the principle.

    I ordered two Pixel 2 XL's and just one trade-in kit for pre-order on October 5 which was inside the pre-order promo for free Google Home Minis. In fact I believe it was 1 day after the promo began. I took delivery of the Pixel 2 XL's on October 30th and opened just one of them. After noticing my trade-in kit did not arrive with my phones I called Google to inquire. Google could not find the fact that I ordered a trade in kit and after around 1.5 hours on the phone trying to get it figured out (and the lady seeming like she would never get to the bottom of it) I finally told them that since I had only opened one of the phones and it may be a little too big for my tastes anyways, that I would just return the unopened Pixel 2 XL if she would give me an RMA and then reorder the regular Pixel 2 and add my missing trade in kit at that time. She said that would be fine, obviously it helped her not having to figure out what she couldn't figure out anyways. She gave me my RMA and placed the order for my regular Pixel 2 right there. I DID get an email for this trade in kit on that same day and it arrived around the same time as my new Pixel 2, November 2nd. I traded in my phone and received credit to my card.

    Fast Forward a month and a half and I still have never received any codes for my Google Home minis. I contact support and they tell me that because I returned one of the phones, I would only get a code for one google home mini. I argued that it wasn't actually a return, it was more an exchange and that it was mostly prompted by the fact that they could not find my trade in kit, so it seemed easier at the time. They didn't care. My original order on Oct 5 had fallen inside the promo period, but my RMA/EXCHANGE of the regular Pixel 2 on Oct 30 was outside of the promo period and I would not be getting a code for that. Now this is horrendous customer service at best and not within the spirit of my return/repurchase scenario, but whatever, technically they had me by the balls.

    8 days after my exchange/repurchase that limited me to only receiving one google home mini, the promo was back on again. Again, laughable, but what am I going to do? On 11/28 I receive an email that my trade in kit is on the way. What? My second trade in kit? You mean the original one? Who knows, regardless, it confirmed that they had screwed up, not me. The box came in and I just tossed it. A couple weeks later I was still wondering where my single promo code for my google home mini was so I contacted support again. They tell me they will get back with me in two business days but I never heard back.

    I called them today again, inquiring about my code and THIS TIME they tell me that there never was a preorder promo for free google home minis with the purchase of pixel 2's until the promo that came out in November. I sent the Google employee a google search link, filtered to October 4 with articles from pretty much every tech site out their about the promo but they are saying they still can't find where they ever ran one. This is the link I sent them:


    After almost two hours on the phone, they still are arguing they never had the promo, but they will again, get back to me in two days. I am pretty upset about the almost 6 hours I have wasted on such a small priced item(s) but when you order something based upon a promotion and then never receive the promotion, it really gets under your skin. I am probably not the biggest Google fanboy out there but my list of current devices is as follows:

    Pixel 2 XL
    Pixel 2
    Dell Chromebook 13
    Toshiba Chromebook 2 (2 of these)
    Asus Chromebox
    Chromecast (3 of these)
    The original Sony Android TV
    Google On Hub
    Google Wifi (3 pack)
    Google Home Mini (Got this one free with Nest Protect)
    Nest Thermostat Gen 3
    Nest Thermostat E
    Nest Protect

    I am starting to realize Google does not value loyalty at all. I stick with companies that are good to me. Tmobile had terrible coverage back in the day, but I am well over 10 years strong with them just because they always did the right thing and a situation like this would be handled very differently by them. I am open for any suggestions on how to get at least one of the google home minis that I am due. I am not big enough on social media to really have the clout but I certainly think Google should do whats right and take care of this.
    01-12-2018 02:44 PM
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    Make sure you check your Promotions folder in Gmail, that's where my code went. I at first didn't think I was going to receive it until it was suggested to check spam.
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    01-12-2018 04:53 PM
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    Wow, I would be pretty mad. I would call again and also tell them the story about how your exchange fell in the 8 days they aren't offering a free mini. I really can't believe someone tried to say that promo never existed. Crazy.
    01-14-2018 07:55 AM

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