1. psteve2005's Avatar
    Anyone bought one from them recently and had a good screen?

    I bought a Pixel 2 from Google but really fancy switching to the bigger one, however, I'm reluctant to give up their support as that's why I bought from them this time. They've already swapped out a Pixel 2 when the screen went wrong.

    Same old dilemma...
    02-21-2018 12:04 PM
  2. brutos08's Avatar
    Might pull the trigger and buy one
    02-22-2018 05:11 AM
  3. stinger16's Avatar
    I got one last Friday. Coming from a note 8 the screen isn't as good but there's nothing wrong with it at all. If it hadn't been for all the stuff I've read I'd be none the wiser. Really liking the phone so far.
    02-22-2018 12:05 PM
  4. RustyFJ's Avatar
    I haven't seen much in the way of discounts in the UK except for Carphone Warehouse. I bought mine with £120 off back in January. This is a great deal IMHO. I love this phone.
    02-22-2018 01:06 PM
  5. psteve2005's Avatar
    Well I bought one and the screen is lovely. The blue tint on mine is almost unnoticeable/non-existent. I like big phones, but love small phones and always end up going back to them, so I've kept my Pixel 2 in a cupboard. If I still love the 2XL in a month then it'll stay in my pocket.
    02-22-2018 03:09 PM

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