1. Nanster59's Avatar
    There is no Settings button on the drop down. I have gone into the regular Settings and clicked on Apps. But, it does not have an Apps Manager listed. The phone has decided to not show anything on the display front when a call is coming in or a text. Then, I have to scramble to click on the open/close button on the side and HOPE it will open so I can answer the call. Often times, that doesn't work.

    I have already restarted many times, but that has not changed it.

    Also, the phone will disconnect from Bluetooth in our Prius, and then I cannot even open the phone to answer anything. It is REALLY a pain!!!

    Can anyone offer suggestions that do not include using the App Manager since I don't have one???
    05-31-2018 11:23 AM
  2. Kizzy Catwoman's Avatar
    Hello. It seems like you need to a factory reset and start again if rebooting doesn't help. Or restart it in safe mode and see if the problem persists.

    But I am no expert and I hope someone with more experience answers your question.
    06-01-2018 01:36 AM

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