1. premiumbmx123's Avatar
    This has been a problem since I got the phone which was about 4 months ago. The first time I restarted the phone I suddenly could not connect to LTE. I tried everything and finally just factory reset it which fixed it, until I restarted it again. After a few days of this I went back up to Best buy which is where I originally bought the phone. They fumbled around with it, switched it out for a new one, and went through a couple sim cards to no avail. We got on the phone with Verizon and they couldn't find any issues.

    The mobile settings is missing quite a few settings including VoLTE. I finally stumbled across the *#*#4636#*#* code and flipped VoLTE on and suddenly I had LTE. This worked for a few months, I didn't have to leave VoLTE enabled to get LTE I could just toggle it and it would connect. I could also put the connection to LTE only and then switch it back to the default setting and I would have LTE. This worked for a few months.

    Now, the only way I can get LTE is to leave VoLTE on. The problem is, when I do this and I try to make a call it says server error and disconnects. After that the settings reset and I'm left with 3g once again. I've noticed that if I toggle mobile radio tower it will connect to LTE however voice network type will say unknown and then it will disconnect. If I put it on LTE only it will not connect to anything unless I have VoLTE enabled. I also noticed that it will only stay connected to 1xRTT and EvDo-rev.a. The last thing I noticed is that when it connects to LTE the network says Verizon wireless, however when it connects to the 1xRTT and EvDo-rev.a it says the network is Verizon.

    Does anyone have any guesses what could be happening?
    08-30-2018 09:29 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! To exclude the possibility that some 3rd party app is causing issues, see if the problem persists in Safe Mode: https://support.google.com/pixelphon.../2852139?hl=en
    08-30-2018 09:41 AM
  3. Nauga's Avatar
    Did anyone check your APN settings? Did they reset network settings?
    08-30-2018 09:44 AM
  4. premiumbmx123's Avatar
    Booting in safe mode did not help. Also there is no way to change APN, it is set on VZWINTERNET, I did reset to default settings however which did not seem to help.
    08-30-2018 02:58 PM
  5. premiumbmx123's Avatar
    I also just noticed it will only connect if the preferred network type is Global.
    08-30-2018 02:59 PM
  6. GSDer's Avatar
    Also there is no way to change APN, it is set on VZWINTERNET
    I don't know if it'll be any help but here's my settings.
    08-30-2018 06:56 PM
  7. premiumbmx123's Avatar
    These are the only settings I have.VoLTE and unable to get LTE-screenshot_20180831-091028.jpg
    08-31-2018 08:11 AM
  8. GSDer's Avatar
    These are the only settings I have.
    IIRC I had to use the My Verizon app (or I logged in to my account on the website?) to enable the 'Advanced Calling' feature.
    08-31-2018 12:47 PM
  9. WoodenStick's Avatar
    I'm experiencing somewhat of the same problem. Since the Pie update, I'm only getting 3g signal on Verizon. I read somewhere to restart in airplane mode, so I did. I now only get LTE signal. It will stay in LTE but if you restart the phone and it's not on airplane mode it will go back to 3g only. It's not a fix but LTE is better than 3g. I tried everything soft/hard reset, Sim remove, reset data setting calling Verizon and them telling me there computers are down. I did hear having Verizon reset the Sim works but like I said I was told Verizon would call me back when the computers where back but no call back.
    09-02-2018 07:27 AM

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