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    I recently switched over to a moto G6 play

    if I say OK Google it will not unlock the screen I have all the appropriate things checked off and I'm pretty familiar with Google settings.

    I don't know why it doesn't work it just doesn't I've tried resetting the phone clearing cache, turning on and off the settings etc.. OK Google works but does not open a lock screen

    It also doesn't work on trusted devices and trusted places..

    The other issue about the microphone lag..
    If I say OK Google the microphone will hear what I am saying however if I push the microphone on the chrome search I have to wait up to eight or nine seconds before it will start listening

    however if I push the home button and try to get Google assistant it listens fine..

    Also of note if I swipe my screen to the left to the discover screen with news feeds etc..that screen microphone seems to work fine...

    It's only the main one that seems to be an issue..
    12-03-2018 02:59 PM

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