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  1. JoeT69's Avatar
    Hi all,

    Why am I getting hundreds of Kitty emojis in my photos folder(s)?

    When I used to use QuickPik I'd get them as well. Now I'm just using Photos and it's still happening. I'll delete them all one freakin picture at a time, and then randomly they'll all come back.
    I tried to attach one but it says Invalid file, so here's a screenshot.

    What app are they from and how can I stop it?

    Attached Thumbnails Kitty pictures keep filling photos??-screenshot_20190101-115213-2.jpg  
    01-01-2019 10:59 AM
  2. GSDer's Avatar
    It certainly appears that you have a 3rd party application installed which is causing this problem.
    You could boot into Safe mode and verify that the problem no longer occurs; then you'd have to look at the likely candidates and start uninstalling.
    01-01-2019 12:20 PM
  3. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Those are stickers. Probably coming from Facebook's Messenger (the sticker set is called Pusheen). They always download to your device when you use them, but usually the folder shouldn't be 'visible' on your Gallery, unless it's another app downloading the same thing and putting them in a visible folder.

    Remember, a lot of apps do need media files to show content and will download to your device, but if the app is done right (or the folder wasn't modified), the content in there should not be visible to media repositories like Gallery or Photos (usually by adding a .nomedia file to the folder).
    01-01-2019 12:24 PM
  4. recDNA's Avatar
    Can't you just long press the folder in gallery and pick hide?
    01-01-2019 12:37 PM
  5. JoeT69's Avatar
    I knew they looked familiar but I couldn't remember from where. Unfortunately I do use Messenger a few times a year but have never used emojies or stickers in it.

    And yes, they are 'files'...not graphics. When they show up, a folder named 'Files' shows up in my photos as well, but it's always empty. I deleted it along with those pictures. They have to be deleted one damn file at a time. They're not in a folder. As you can see, they're in the row of photo folders individually.

    Pusheen...what an appropriate name.
    I wonder if I uninstall and reinstall FB if it'll fix the problem. I know Messenger can't be force stopped by itself if FB is used. It just starts it again.

    Thanks all... I'll play around.
    01-01-2019 01:13 PM
  6. JoeT69's Avatar
    Well... They're baaaaaack!

    And they're definitely from Messenger. After I deleted them all, everything was good. There is absolutely no way to mass-delete them. I can select them.all, but there's no option to mass-delete anywhere.

    Then someone Messenger'd me thru FB tonight. Hundreds showed back up in the Folders view of the Photos app.
    So I uninstalled Messenger! They disappeared.

    Sucks because I sometimes use it.
    01-01-2019 05:20 PM
  7. SpookDroid's Avatar
    So odd that they're showing up for you though... I mean, it IS normal for the files to be downloaded, it's just not normal for those to show in the Gallery/Photos apps.
    01-02-2019 09:56 AM

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