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    I was excited to see the new Personal Safety App as it seems like something I would use. I have tested the Safety Check 5 times and the app never sends the text to my emergency contacts.

    I set the Safety Check for 15 minutes. The time expires and I don't acknowledge I'm ok, so it says location information is being sent to my 2 emergency contacts. Neither of them ever receive anything. However, if I MANUALLY send them my location info through the app, they do receive it, so I know they are set up correctly. It is just in the Safety Check portion where if you don't acknowledge you are ok that doesn't work. Unfortunately, this is the one you really need to work if you truly couldn't respond. This makes it worthless.

    I did see there was a thread about this on the Google Pixel forums and others are having the same issue.
    06-05-2020 02:15 PM

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