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    I just my Pixel 3XL/64GB in tonight and haven't put it through it's pacez yet. The memory issues, IMO, are software related.

    When I see articles and YouTube "experts" even mention that 6 or 8GB would have fixed the issue, I can't help but to scratch, then shake my head. Does anyone really believe Google would release an fully underperforming phone at launch?

    Apple has 4Gb with their latest model, yet I don't see the gnashing of teeth by too many "pro" reviewers. Honestly, I think many of them lack understanding on the basics of hardware, software and the foundations of an OS. I'm certainly no expert.

    I don't hear a lot of gnashing of teeth with apple and their 4GBs.Now, I would hope Google releases a fix soon for those affected.

    Google has a lot riding on this. If they go wtih all carriers with the Pixel 4, they would be risking that in a big way if didn't utilize enough RAM on the 3.
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    10-22-2018 10:52 PM
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    Hi -- please use the existing thread.

    10-23-2018 12:10 AM

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