1. Whywontitjustwork's Avatar
    This is NOT a physical issue. There is something wrong in the update. I can reproduce this 100%.

    On Dec 5th I updated my pixel3 to Android 10 security patch. It suddenly stopped connecting to my car with android auto. The phone charges, including in my car.

    I cleaned out the port thoroughly. It is NOT a loose connection with the cable.

    Here is the weird issue. Connecting it to my laptop seems to work only under certain conditions. (Which I'll describe in a minute.) once connected, I CAN WIGGLE THE CABLE LIKE A MADMAN, and the connection does NOT drop! This is why I believe it is not a physical issue. I've tried many cables. I believe that after the update the USB 'mode' doesn't kick in right away when you connect the cable. It seems like a delay in registering it. Windows10 reports an error almost immediately after you connect, but the phone seems to be in la la land.

    If I go into USB Preferences first and then connect cable, it will result in the choice for "USB Controlled by:" menu to be lit up. BUT NOT THE "Use USB for:" menu!!! The laptop still reports error. At this point, I simply tell it to let the connected device control it, this fails, there seems to be a reset of the connection, and NOW the "Use USB for" menu lights up! Now it connects to the laptop!!!! Now I can wiggle the cable like crazy and never lose connection. I can copy files to/from the phone! This is a software issue, not physical. This happens with/without USB debugging mode active. This happens in safe mode as well.
    12-13-2019 11:15 AM
  2. Michael Detwiler's Avatar
    Same issue but it has been going on since May. Can't figure it out.
    12-13-2019 11:42 AM

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