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    I'm posting this thread because there are 2 Google support threads on this issue and after 1st having thought only one sensor was not working, I've discovered several of my sensors not working. Maybe at some point we can figure it out. Maybe others are having this issue.

    It started with my Auto-rotate function stopping working 5 minutes after restarting my phone. That lead me to 2 Google support threads with multiple Pixel users reporting the issue as well. Multiple attempted fix suggestions were tried and failed. Including factory reset that other users did without success so I didn't go there.

    The Google support threads lead me to a sensor testing app. In many reports, users noted multiple sensors stopping working. I hoped my 3XL was the exception. The sensor test app for me showed all sensors working after restart for about 5 minutes, then multiple sensors stop working. In my case my accelerometer, compass and gyroscope sensors stop working. Worse than I realized.

    There is an app that forces the screen to rotate. I'll use that for now, as inconvenient as that is.

    As for the other functionality I'm losing with 3 sensors not working, I'm not sure. I am getting by using my phone for work + personal. I like the phone. It's too bad,though. This sort of thing shouldn't happen with a phone that's been babied.
    02-10-2020 11:02 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    If the bootloader is unlocked, you could try reflashing the firmware (Google | Factory Images for Nexus and Pixel Devices). (But unlocking the bootloader is like a factory reset, so if it's not unlocked, you may not want to unlock it.)

    If you do, remove the -w from the last fastboot line in the last fastboot line in the .bat or .sh file (depending on whether you're running Windows or Mac/Linux), to keep from wiping the phone when you flash it. (Of course the first time it won't make any difference if you had to unlock the bootloader.)
    02-11-2020 06:44 PM

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