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    I have Pixel 3a that I'm using with a hotspot. My mac is unable to connect to it. After clicking on the network, it simply spins.

    I can use this hotspot fine with my other computer (linux and windows) and I can use my Mac with regular Wifi.

    I've tried forgetting the network, resetting DNS, rebooting both the computer and the phone, and adding/removing Wifi password.
    08-05-2022 05:23 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Are you talking about using your Pixel 3a as the hotspot, or are you talking about a separate portable wi-fi hotspot?

    Please register on this forum, which will allow you to engage in discussion more easily, as well as post images. https://forums.androidcentral.com/as...community.html
    08-06-2022 08:43 PM

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